Kawana Companions- Mental Health Week

Kawana Companions- Mental Health Week

2017-10-13T01:15:06+10:00Friday 13 October 2017|Culture|

Last Monday, ComLink in partnership with Kawana Companions held a special event at Kawana Community Hall with an attendance of 150. The crowd included ComLink staff, Volunteers, Companions regulars as well as interested Home Care clients.

The day included an impressive and delicious high-tea provided by Link Café’ Head Chef Scott Coulson, a competitive round of games, musical entertainment and a satisfying lunch carefully made by Companion’s volunteers.

Most importantly the morning came with a crucial message: The importance of both mental health and removing the stigma around it.

To drive home this message, ComLink recruited netball star Kelsey Browne from the premiership winning Sunshine Coast Lightening to address the challenges of mental health, and her experiences with battling depression. Her take away point, that you never have to go it alone.

Kelsey spoke about the profound impact that change can have in our lives and the way it can affect the way we feel. She advocated the importance of letting people in, whether they are your family or close friends. Additionally, she spoke of the value of keeping occupied, no matter what your age is. By having a balanced diet and remaining active, both physically and mentally, we can optimise our mental health and build resilience.

Kelsey’s speech was well received and broadcast by WIN local news.

For those that don’t know much about Kawana Companions, it’s a long running weekly event that started in 1987, under the name Home And Community Care. It was initiated by a small group of passionate volunteers and only catered 7 people at its inception. Now, at the close of 2017, Kawana Companions sees 120 people regularly attending and continues to grow as the premier seniors social group on the Sunshine Coast.