Home Care Packages in Wide Bay

Home Care Packages in Wide Bay

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Max Thiele is a grandfather of six, a father of two, a husband and a former Electrician and Cane Farmer from Northern Queensland. He’s also a loyal client of ComLink and an ambassador for ComLinks’ Home Care Packages. Behind each of our clients is a multi-layered story and set of experiences that make them who they are.

For clients like Max, it’s not about ‘doing things for them’, it’s about assisting them and helping them discover easier ways to accomplish certain tasks themselves. When Care Workers Peter and Karen assist Max with meal preparation, they’re not just making meals for him, they’re teaching him how to cook. This is what clients love about ComLink – ComLink is an organisation that knows how to treat people like people. Some people need more assistance, some need more independence, with a wide spectrum in-between.

For clients like Max, it’s not about ‘doing things for them’, it’s about assisting them.

For ComLink’s Care Workers, it’s about building relationships and listening to their clients. It’s about learning the individual needs of each client and creating a solution that works for them. With Max’s Home Care Package he can build and customise everything according to the services he needs. It’s like strolling through the supermarket and filling your shopping cart with the items you want – everything is your choice. When Max isn’t learning how to cook Peter’s delicious home-made recipe’s, he’s getting out and meeting people through ComLink’s community and social events. With the wide selection of events on offer, clients are able to customise their days according to the activities that interest them.

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