Growth Funding

Growth Funding

2017-08-08T00:00:26+10:00Tuesday 08 August 2017|Industry Insights, Latest News|


There has been great news for ComLink and the community sector Australia wide, as the Federal Government has announced an additional $115 million in growth funding for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).

Ken Wyatt, the Australian Aged Care Minister announced the funding on March 10, stating that new services from the funding would ‘assist older Australians to live at home longer and enjoy all the benefits of being in their local community’.

The funding increases will span the next 18 months with approximately $25M being allocated to expansion in Queensland. Additionally, funding arrangements for the CHSP have been extended until 30 June 2020 providing greater certainty. This is welcome news for the sector.

The funding allocated will be implemented by 245 organisations nationwide with the goal of addressing existing gaps in home support services. To achieve this goal, ComLink is proud to announce that we will be expanding services into new areas across Queensland. Within the next 6 months’ clients will be able to access services in Logan River Valley, Mackay and Fitzroy. With the addition of these regions, ComLink will now be helping clients live at home longer in 11 regions across the country.

This is a fantastic result for all, especially our clients. The funding will allow ComLink to provide a projected 500 new clients with services and deliver up to 40,000 additional transport trips over the course of the funding. For clients receiving domestic assistance, this will equate to approximately 17,000 hours of extra contact time.

ComLink believes that these increased services will make an immediate impact on regional Queensland. By linking more people in remote areas to services we can address double disadvantage and create life changing outcomes.

As ComLink continues to grow, we remain committed to the exceptional service that has taken us to where we are today. We are eager to bring the care revolution to new regions of Queensland and to continue leading the way in our rapidly changing industry.